Factory, Railway and Industrial History of Switzerland

Swiss Society for History of Technology and Industrial Heritage (SGTI)
The organisation SGTI was founded in 1977 and is managed by Dr. Hans-Peter Bärtschi.

Excursions Presenting Industrial and Railway Heritage InBahn GmbH
The InBahn GmbH organises guided tours and excursions on industrial culture and railway history in Winterthur, for example to the only Swiss nail factory. Dr. Hans-Peter Bärtschi and Viola Mand are the owners of the InBahn GmbH founded in 1999.

Operation Nail Factory Winterthur
The only Swiss nail factory conserves original machines dating back to 1895 and illustrates factory history. The InBahn GmbH is responsible for maintaining the operation.

On a national level, Dr. Hans-Peter Bärtschi and his team have considerable contributed to different activities; for example to the exhibition "150 Jahre Bundesstaat – 150 Jahre Industriekultur” (“150 Years Statehood – 150 Years Industrial Culture” with 65’000 visitors), to the teaching aid of Pro-Patria and to the SBB inventory (Swiss Federal Railways). Furthermore, Hans-Peter Bärtschi has developed the website www.industriekultur.ch for SGTI. This information platform shall be adapted for the whole country of Switzerland.

Further information and references:
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