Museology, Tourism and Exhibitions since 2000

Collection of weaving machines Rüti
Collection of weaving machines Rüti

Nagli-Exhibition Industrial History of Winterthur: permanent exhibition in Winterthur.
Nagli Winterthur
from 2009

Sidi-Silkmill-Boilerhouse: permanent exihibition in Winterthur.
from 2009

Industrial Heritag in the Canton of Zurich: Travelling exhibition Zurich-Winterthur-Neuthal.
Informationplatform ISIS

Park Lötschberg Railway Frutigen: feasibility study. Client: BLS Berne, business communication

Collection of Weaving Machines Honegger/Sulzer Rüti: inventory, valuation, triage and interior concept. Client: Canton of Zurich and municipality of Rüti, move to Weaving Mill Museum 2007
since 2002

Soap Culture Museum Stein am Rhein: inventory of soap industry Switzerland, documentation of exhibits, concept. Client: Association of Swiss Soap Culture
since 2002

Permanent Jubilee Exhibition 150 Years SIG (former Swiss Association of Industry) Neuhausen: Acquisition of exhibits, photos and texts, realisation. Client: SIG Neuhausen

Rieter Power Station Winterthur: preservation and museum project steam engines for emergency power/generators, public access. Client: Canton of Zurich and City of Winterthur 2002-03

Power Station Schönenberg TG: preservation and museum project, financing through foundation. Client: Association Powerstation Schönenberg/Canton of Thurgau

Tram Museum Zurich: interior, text, photos and concepts of exhibits and operation. Client: Tram Museum Zurich 2000-05 Swiss Nail Factory St.Galler Street 138, 8404 Witnerthur: machines 1895, preservation and museum project. Client: SGTI, Canton of Zurich and City of Winterthur 2000-10

Exhibition “200 Years Industrial Culture in
Winterthur”: acquisition of exhibits, photos and texts, realisation: Client: Historical Association Winterthur

Industrial Culture Trail Winterthur: 20 locations with information boards, signs, planning and building permissions, texts and drawings. Client: Zürcher Kantonalbank and Street Superintendents Winterthur

Mill Kempten ZH: concept, financing plan, detailed project water constructions. Client: Industrial Culture Trail Zurich Oberland, Bäretswil